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Though I may consider myself a lover of music of all sounds and tones, those close to me will most probably tell you that Afro-pop/soul tops the pile and I honestly couldn’t differ. Below I take you through some of the tracks on my Afro Soul and RnB playlist which I felt were worth the mention.

Ziphi Inkomo – Moneoa

Contrary to obvious indications this is in fact not a fav of mine because she just so happened to accept my friend request on Insta recently but rather because of the passion she portrays on this masterpiece, when she tells of the song’s backstory she refers back to a time of frustration and this is more then evident in the lyrics and delivery of the song. The musicality element of the song is also worth the mentioning.

Tinyembeti – Zamo

It is a well documented secret that technically “a quarter of my roots” belongs to the emaSwati, Zamo truly connects me with that part of mine in this song. Zamo literally brought the soul to the song. The song and Zamo’s delivey reminds me of an all time favorite of mine in Naima Kay. At this rate I’m more than tempted to learn the siSwati language!

Hamb’uzobuya – Bo Malimela

I may not be as old, but some of the music I listen to surpasses my age to the extreme while also taking me along with it to this olden days from which it’s from. Hamba’uzobuya has an early 2000s sound to it and it definitely take me aback, and surprisingly the song was only released in 2014. A true classic if you ask me.

Ndikhethe Wena – Ami Faku

Unlike most of the songs on the above mentioned playlist, this song has a different sound to it. I’m no expert with the categorizing of songs into different genres but I’d say this is smooth soul. Sade is no doubt the Queen of smooth soul and not to liken but I’d say Ami Faku’s sound is not far off. I felt an affection for the song from first listen and that affection was further assured when I heard young Likhey Booi‘s cover of it. Ami Faku is most definitely a rising star.

Know you better – Donald

Arguably one of the best South African vocalists of my time. Know you better is an absolute classic, which probably justifies why I know it word for word. If Donald’s upcoming album #HerNameIs is anywhere near this classic then we are surely in for a treat!

Would have loved to write a bit on Sunday Blues by Langa Mavuso but “a bit” just isn’t enough.

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