Vibin’Out Ed.2: H E A R T F E L T


This has to be the most sorrowful and heartfelt playlist I have ever curated because every song selected has been

hold me when it’s cold: the sensual sounds of Sam Sonic

 Thato Diale  

Sometimes you press play on a project, listen to it for the entire duration, and can’t help but wonder how

A Memorable Hangover.

 Areh Ramaru  

In the music world, the word classic makes reference to time and reception as factors. The word anthem on the

Vibin’Out: Fresh & Addictive.


“I created this Afrobeats playlist because I want people to get into the music of new Naija rising stars who

In My Words: Ms Nthabi.

 Areh Ramaru  

In continued support of the In My Words series profiling creatives and artists alike on the Unarine Ramaru YouTube page, this

In My Words: Kgau Lepara.

 Areh Ramaru  

As part of the running, In My Words series profiling creatives and artists alike on the Unarine Ramaru Youtube page,

Unbounded By Genre Or Style.

 Areh Ramaru  

“If I had the powers to give Fatso Mpyatona a shot, I would give him with[in] a heart beat” ~

Playlist: Fuck With My Radar.


In a very first installment of playlist curation for, we have a specially compiled playlist by Hatsu themed around

Montero – Lil NasX


Very literally, the album’s production is a blast, an absurd brilliance, outsized joy and a wonderful illustration of what Lil