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Vocal percussion The art of creating sounds with one’s mouth that approximate, imitate, or otherwise serve the same purpose as a percussion instrument.

I call it “jazz with emphasis on vocals”, Youn Sun Nah’s style of music that is.

The “conventional jazz style” would feature the usual suspects such as the predominant collective sounds of percussion instruments, the highly emphasized melodies, an element of improvisation and the frequent sound of vocals that are always almost certain to short-live their span. But with time jazz has and is being redefined, elements are being added while some are removed or re-imagined.

,“So far I have been holding on to my own style instead of following in others’ footsteps… maybe this has appealed to the listeners.”, – Youn Sun Nah

Vocal percussion certainly isn’t an element foreign to music moreover given that beatboxing and scat singing are forms of such. What Youn does however is different in that she scats to the sound of a live improvised instrument, do you understand how crazy that is?!? That’s some next level shandis!

That however is only but part of what makes Youn Sun Nah special and worthy of the legendary status she holds.


,,“I rarely make plans and try to live day-to-day. As long as I can enjoy a life that provides me with the opportunity to discover the people and wonders, which exist in the far corners of our world, I will be extremely happy”

Versatile, Brilliant and driven by Curiosity.
Trust if her music fails to capture you then surely her smile and stage presence will all but do the job.
Born into a musical family she too was bitten by the music bug as fate would often have it. Her music interests led her to study jazz as a genre of music in France where she also subsequently began her music career. I have frequently heard of artists going to France in pursuit of the jazz scene there, and after some research I’ve found that this is mostly due to the Collectif system the jazz artists in that region use as well as the element of having good financial backing from government and councils alike, I suspect the tourist nature of the area also contributes to this vibrant music scene.

Here’s a quick read on the French jazz scene:

,“After deciding to study music, I asked my friend which genre to dive into… she offered me jazz, saying it is the origin of popular music. She said I would be able to pull off diverse genres once I learn jazz.”,

Youn’s brilliance is in her reluctance to box herself, she is a jazz artist but only nominally so. She is willing to and has ventured into other genres, she has also equipped herself with the ability to express music through various instruments such as the piano beyond just her voice. She is unstoppable on stage but the calmest of all off it. She is acclaimed, she is magic!


Interview: Youn Sun Nah chats with NWMS

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