“B4NOW” BLXCKIE “Somnyama Yena Yedwa”

This album gives us our first actual glimpse of an authored Blxckie; it is the genesis of his style and composition, Blxckie’s rhyme scheme and distinct individuality, he’s artic vocal style, and jaw dropping range as he floats on bars. B4now is the debuting major project from a preternaturally charismatic artist, containing 12 tracks and poised for a barrage of attention.

Blxckie’s appeal is simple; the kid can scribble an ink. “Ye uh, came out the streets cold looking like snow ski, Baby girl ain’t no snack at all, more like a course dish” turns any club to a traphouse..

“Big Time Sh’lappa” is presented with rhythmic lines, punchy, staccato bursts, unstoppably sticky, bizarre ad-libs; the rhymes Blxckie and LucasRaps delivered were stylistic. The track exults with an enormous potential as it grows gritty, demonstrating their creative prowess.

Nasty C holds down the other guest position on “B4Now” courtesy to “Yex4”, which could become Blxckie’s biggest collaboration success to date. When that happens, “Sika,” with its joyful early 2000s kwaito R&B elements, should do the task as well

“Mama It’s Bad,” displays the beams of his musical talent drawn from a palette of somber music and sparse beats, he reveals glimmers of his compositional talent; “Hold,” which is mollases sweet marks the album’s most romantically vulnerable song, conjures a similar sentiment even more.

Tracks like “David” up the ante, giving him the formula to potentially dominate the singing rapper category. The vocal delivery is reminiscent of a strident affair, suggesting that it would be a powerhouse of a song in a live setting. The tune itself is, of course, enormous, definitely “the stone David”

He’s clearly made for live performances, as evidenced by “Uppity,” “Gas,” and “Stripes,” yet there’s also a raw, unpolished aspect at work here to keep things on edge.
There are some standouts both inside and outside of the standard Blxckie matrix. The primary reason they’ll be club anthems in the coming months is because “Tall” is aggressive and “Gas” is enigmatic. On popular culture, he has a vice-like grip.An accomplished production