Sleep & Music.

Hi, I am Barry from successfulsleeper, the sleep specialist who specializes in working with DJs and music producers.

Sleep Hygiene ~ healthy habits, behaviors and environmental factors that can be adjusted to help one have a good night’s sleep.

The sleep hygiene list, see below, is a good start for DJs, music producers or performing artists to invest in their sleep hygiene and overall performance.

Sleep deprivation is a major concern in the music industry and if left with no focus can lead to bigger issues such as insomnia and other mental health related problems.

The sleep hygiene list looks at simple suggestions that you can start using from day 1, and if you use it you will definitely start feeling the difference. Sunlight activation, meal timing and caffeine restrictions are very important to consider when trying to improve your sleep and recovery. Most musicians work under artificial light, be it in the studio or playing at a late night gig so getting enough sunlight before studio and during the day is critical for the brain and body to perform its tasks during the day. Eating at regular times is important for gut health and to help the brain and body have enough energy for the day. Coffee needs to be restricted to early times in the day anything after 2pm would cause extra stress and anxiety which will cause the musician to stay up late and effect his or her deep sleep quality at night.

Feel free to contact Barry Bridges, founder of successfulsleeper. You can contact him directly for a free sleep hygiene list that you can use to help increase your sleep quality and overall performance.

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