You Ever Just…

I tend to react quite drastically to the discovery of new sounds, and as such my “favourite song of all time” and the so claimed “most beautiful song I’ve ever heard” changes whenever next a hot tune hits my eardrums. Given this, I thought to somewhat challenge myself and some friends and writers of to think back and journal on some of the songs that gave us the reaction “does it get more beautiful than this?!” at first listen – well at least those that we can recall. Let’s go!

First up we have… Lyric the Curator:

“Proverb’s My Vers’d Love, name a better love song, I’ll wait. If I happen to come across it in the archives, rest assured that I will be listening to it on repeat for days on end.
Pineapple Apotizing by New Skool Sextet, if you have an ear for Jazz and have not yet heard this, it’s time to add some color to your playlist. The saxophone seals the deal for me!
…Oh and Ubomi Abumanga by Sun-El Musician featuring Msaki, this song is a friend in times of need. It is the silver lining. The light at the end of the tunnel. In every season one thing remains, ubomi abumanga mntase.”

As for our chief wordsmith Thato Diale:

” The Live version of Mac Ayres’ Summertime is beautifully sang with the help of a live band, the song feels like a ray of sunshine.
… Jay Electronica’s A.P.I.D.T.A, the lyrics are very melancholic & vulnerable, but the sample, to me, feels like being outside in the playground. Just oddly soothing.
Mountains by Charlotte Day Wilson, the songwriting is amazing, and it is mixed pretty well. You hear every sound at the volume you’re supposed to hear it at.”

Our north mamacita, Nomonde had the following on her list:

Homecoming by Tyson Sybateli and Una Rams, this is such a warm and heartfelt song that definitely makes you feel at Home!
Ezay’zolo by SimulationRxps, listen, the production on this song definitely captured me add to that SimulationRxps vocals – it just blended in and it’s one of my favorite songs ever!
Bojay by Mabizol & Snowbeats, when these two link up, trust they’ll always deliver a banger and this song exceeded all expectations, flawlessly produced with star striking vocals but my favorite part is the outro skit.” 😉

Our good friend Unarine Ramaru from the In My Words series had the following to say:

“When I first heard Sakhile’s Mantombi at my own accord, I immediately picked up a warmth and fuzzy feeling that I believe can only be borne out of love. I can’t really say when was my first listen to the song as it was on radio rotation in my younger days but in 2018 when I was much older, I finally got to grasp it and the sparks that emitted from bass sound got the journalist in me to research about the song – I found out that it was a composition and dedication by bassist Sipho Gumede for his newly-born daughter Makhosi Gumede (Mantombi). The feelings I got from the song were immediately confirmed. The context made the sound of this song a permanent symbol of endowment to me. 
… Culture is the acceptance of a set behavior or conduct. Harmonizing is that culture for Africans; at any given point or tune, you can best believe where two Africans are gathered a harmonic sound and rhythm will prevail. Now, when you talk of The Muffinz’ Sound Check, only cultured people can behave in the way they did when recording what is supposed to be their warm up song. A song about nothingness but what it evokes are filling emotions. The harmonies captured my attention without meaning but my heart pounded to my mind lingering to a faraway place that felt like peace and alignment of all earth’s energies. A healing of what you were not aware of, in short.”

Abuti Vally brought up..

I’d like by Freshlyground, it is pretty up there with some of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard on a global scale. The rhetorical questions are my favourite because of their strange ability to trigger both the victim and accused in the situation, regardless of which side of the coin your perspective lies on.
In some ways it does sound like a prequel to Adele’s Someone Like You. Difference is that Zolani still wants to hold on to the past, while Adele is trying to accept and move away from it.
Creations, In My Dreams, D.I.M.P.H.O, Nakuru and The Sapiens all by Caiiro – I can’t choose one – Spiritual vibes, I’m all about Africa” is how Caiiro describes his music. His music has a great emotional blend of orchestra, timing, tribal sounds and spirituality. It takes me to places that I’ve never been to.
No matter how many times I listen to those tracks, I always feel cheated out of the experience if I do dare to skip sections. From to finish all elements start out simple and elevate into something beautiful. Nothing feels forced, unnecessary or excessive. It’s all designed for you to sit back and soak in the experience.”

Well as for me? Nothing much, just – Sunday Blues by Langa Mavuso, Song for Jiroh by Soul Media, Black Butterfly by Mpho Sebina, Somewhere Over The Rainbow as sang by TK, And I Hope by Floetry, Soul In Mind by Lira, Ginger Me Slowly by Somi and New Way by Thandi Ntuli – see, nothing much!

Well enough about us, let’s hear from you, what songs get you saying “does it get more beautiful than this?!”, comment down below and on any of our social media platforms!

*See youtube compilation of all songs mentioned in this post below