Sean Morgan breaks through with his new release single “Mantha”

Malawian Dancehall/Reggae artist Sean Morgan breaks silence announcing the release of his new single titled “Mantha”.

“Mantha” comes forth as Sean’s third official installment this year after the release of his last single, “London” in May.

In his new song, he narrates about love and relationships; while being strong enough to hold on, but also strong enough to let go.

“You wanna fall in love and then when you look at what you’ve experienced from other relationships it makes it hard for you to fall back in love again”, he explains.

Born Khumbo Kafwafwa, Sean Morgan is a young independent artist held from Lilongwe, Malawi that’s gaining a platform, slowly shining his talent through the music industry, and becoming one of Malawi’s new top recognized acts.

A musician who’s conscious and positive through his music, Sean is taking it one step at a time to make sure that his voice is heard.

On top of that, Sean is also a student studying for a Bachelor’s in Musicology at The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST).

In his early years as a boy, he joined a choir at his church where he developed an interest and skills in music. As a child, Sean got exposed to Reggae music through his father who was a big fan of the genre. Bob Marley and the Morgan Heritage have been his inspiration for his music to date. He blended his choir experience and exposure to Reggae and Dancehall music thus giving birth to a great artist doing positive music to impact the masses.

His sound is centralized on universal love and peace; as the same energy revolves around others, everyone else will come back to love each other. This is portrayed in one of his songs called “Envy” as it talks of Africa as one entity despite having boundaries and “Anamva” which is about loyalty in our families. Currently, he is working on his Extended Playlist (EP) which will be released next year.

Recently, Sean Morgan was nominated as the 2020 Best Dancehall Act in the Urban Music People Awards (UMP). He was also featured in a 2020 Jamaican riddim called “Real Pree Riddim” produced by the Rockaz Elements Production, and another riddim from Zimbabwe called “Five Aside Riddim”. His music has since gone on to enjoy airplay in sites such as the USA, UK, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa, among other areas.

…It’s pretty safe to say Malawi’s Reggae and Dancehall music are in safe hands.

Produced by Dkez Walker, check out “Mantha” by Sean Morgan: