In My Words | Unathi Beulah

The In My Words crew caught up with Unathi Beulah Moyo on what was the evening of her going away send off where she had invited family and friends from the industry and not to spend the evening with her in song, laughter and performance.

“My name is Unathi Beulah Moyo, I am originally from Zimbabwe, stage name, Unathi Beulah. I am a singer songwriter, creative. I am a music enthusiast. I am a people’s person and I use that to my advantage at best.
I am an artist, fine artist, actually also a abstract artist and I can safely say I’m also an expressionist, I [get to] express my surroundings, my life, my character, personality, my family in so many different ways.”

Unathi Beulah

Unathi who has now relocated to the Victoria Falls area was on the night joined on stage by band members Bhungz on Bass, Jacob Christoffels on Trumpet, Emang Molefe on the Guitar and Ntsako Hlungwane with the Congas (Drums).

Last night was just me wanting to spend one more night on stage with my people. Friends, family just having fun. No programme. Let’s just play some music. Sing some covers, you know, songs that we all enjoy and love and like.

Unathi Beulah

Those in attendance at Botaki ba Afrika were serenaded by covers of songs such as Amanda Black’s Afrika, Yallunder’s Ndinovalo and Alkebulan by Ntsika as Unathi was joined on stage by Lykah, Leigh Audrey, Lungelo Moyo and Tapiwa Steve amongst others. In addition Ziwe Ntshiba recited some poetry while Unathi also performed an original of hers titled, “Ujasiri”.

The song was born in literally one go. We wrote that song in that moment [and] three, four hours later, we had a verse, a chorus, and instead of having like multiple verses we just said, Okay, we need to repeat every stanza so that the idea really sits in people’s minds and in people’s hearts.

Unathi Beulah

See the video below to hear more about Unathi, and to see some moments and performances from the night that was.