Zac Nkosi sets the wheels in motion with new single.

Zolani Nkosi, better known by his stage name Zac Nkosi, is a Johannesburg-based rapper, producer, and songwriter who is adding a new dimension to hip-hop by composing rap, trap and melodic sounds in a dark and ambient style.

Hip Hop has always been home to me. I resonate with an artist’s lyricism as much as I do with the instrumentals. That is why I decided to be both an artist and a producer, it’s a means to share myself sonically. So when you hear my music, know that you are hearing my life story.

Zac Nkosi

Following the success of his 10-track LP REVENGE wherein he expressed his hunger and drive towards becoming recognized in the industry, the rapper is cementing his position in the industry with his new single titled Motions. In this single, Zac Nkosi experiments with a new sound, fusing Afrobeat with Rap to create a new theme in Hip-Hop. Motions croons a soulful sound that will make it hard for you not to jam along albeit illustrating a story of loss and heartbreak. Whether you are looking for a feel-good melody or relatable storytelling to contrast your own heartbreak against, Motions is the song for you.

This record [Motions] has a huge effect on me, not only because the sound is experimental but also because of the story I paint on my canvas with the song. My goal in making music is to sound therapeutic. If I can give refuge to an individual going through the same challenges that I have been through, [then] I’ve done my job.

Zac Nkosi

Zac Nkosi is also working on his debut album wherein he will delve into his journey with mental health. “I want my album to show a vulnerable side of me most artists won’t tap into while bringing awareness to the matter that everyone should seek help if they’re going through something in life” said the rapper. While we wait for what promises to be an emotive album, go on and explore Zac’s current discography and don’t be shy to share your impressions.

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