In Conversation With Loatinover Pounds.

Loatile Mangadi better known as Loatinover Pounds is a South African rapper, record producer, and graphic designer, born and raised in Pretoria. “Ke faka Punyete akelwe le motho” has become a trademark for Loatinover Pounds, the artist who rose to fame after the release of his debut EP, ‘Hood Misunderstood‘. He quickly garnered attention online during the rollout of his EP, which had hit songs such as Sosh Plata, Beke Le Beke, Flower Seedz, and Karma Delivery.

I sat down with the rapper to discuss his artistry, ‘Hood Misunderstood‘ and his other creative ventures.

Mr. Punyete
I discovered Loatinover Pounds after the rising interest in the rapper on social media in 2022 after the release of his ‘Beke le Beke‘ visuals. What initially drew me to Loatinover Pounds was not only his gritty rhymes and lyrical ability but the different mediums he used to express himself creatively and how his various talents took space in his music. You can tell the term multidisciplinary artist is a word often used to describe creatives who not only participate in one form of art but can be multi-talented and this term is fitting for the artist and graphic designer. Loatinover Pounds has created album covers for artists such as Jay Jody, Areece, Kaydence, and more South African acts. Furthermore, in his own album cover where Loatin’ incorporates the feeling of being from the hood; the house, rusted rooftops, and the brown dusty feel brought by the colour scheme that dominates the image. The artist is being the gate as he displays that home is his comfort space. The album cover complimented the title and gave us hindsight on what to expect from this EP and what an outstanding reception from music lovers.

The creative process behind Hood Misunderstood
Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed, every artist has a unique way of creating their craft and it is not different with the rapper “It’s all about whatever I’m feeling at the moment, sometimes I have the concept in my head before producing the beat, that’s how Flower Seedz was made”.

The title of his debut EP is a very interesting one, which often leaves listeners curious. I thought the title meant “the hood is often Misunderstood”. The project is about being in touch with yourself and your emotions, something that the lockdown period has taught most of us, songs such as Karma Delivery, How U Feel and Victimz. As a music listener, you tend to breakdown the artist’s concept and interpret the music in your way, the artist also has their ideas, Loatinover said, “Everyone has their interpretations of the project and my Music. I was often misunderstood coming from the hood and making music”. To me hood misunderstood is about being misunderstood as creative as art is interpreted differently by everyone.


With the recent popularity of the genre Motswako and gangsta rap, we have seen artists such as Maglera Doe Boy, 25K, Thato Saul, and many others surfacing in the limelight. Can this be the case for Loatinover Pounds, “I wouldn’t categorize my sound…ase Motswako ke Punyete”. While acknowledging the impact of the genre in SA hip hop and those who popularized it, the greats such as HHP, Morafe, and Khuli Chana it is rather thrilling to hear Loatinover Pounds stick true to his own sound, intent on forging his own path. It is this attitude alongside his boundless creativity that has amassed him critical acclaim and interest from other rap heavyweights.

Collaboration: Areece & 25K
Early career, Loatinover Pounds has been featured on Areece’s EP ‘The Burning Tree‘, on the track Live Once Interlude he proved to be an exciting and worthwhile feature with captivating lyrics such as, “Fabrizio Romano if I say it, its gonna shake her”. He also Featured 25k on the remix of his song, Sosh Plata which was well received by his fans as it was also included in debates about whether it was the remix of the year. “It felt amazing, like a dream come true. I was always listening to Areece and 25K music and they were those artists I looked up to”.

Things to expect in 2023 from Loatinover Pounds
When asked about his plans for the coming year and months, the artist said, “More music and visuals are coming, and as I said this is only the beginning. There is more merchandise on the way.”
As the designer of Nyete La Punya collection of 2022 understands the importance of merchandising; this is an important aspect of any artist’s career as it helps them to interact with their supporters, so this only heightens the respect I have for the effort and time this rappers puts into making his music an experience. “Merch compliments the music and I wanted to offer my fans something tangible to go with the musical experience”.

Loatinover Pound’s future could not be any brighter and we are all looking forward to his ascension to commercial success!