Bokani Dyer – Radio Sechaba

It took me a while to get to this part of the story where I am listening attentively to this new offering. See, Bokani Dyer and I have always had the “bump into you and say hi” kind of fellowship but I have been somewhat secretly a huge fan of his musicality and the cool factor which seems to follow him everywhere he goes.

I will take you back to 2015 where I distinctively remember hearing the song, Waiting, Falling, on a radio show called, The Art of Sunday, and since that first encounter, I have been a follower and celebrator of the works of Bokani Dyer. I remember buying this album (World Music) on iTunes and to this day it remains one of my most prized collections of Jazz from South Africa. There’s just something about this abuti on the keys that keeps me drawn to his music. Unprovoked and simply listening closer, I’ve even found several gems off that project that got me thinking about having a full on talk show with Bokani creating the scores and soundtrack to match.

Fast forward to the COVID times, I found myself introducing Bokani to the much earned listenership on the K Jazz Show and this is after numerous shows and several “ sharp fede?” conversations with the brother where he’d tell me of a new concept that he was working on that would possibly change how we viewed him as an artist.

Jazz and Electronic Music aren’t related and I do not think they are even neighbors, but Bokani was fusing them together, and being an avid fan of his music. I guess, “chills down the spine” is a gracious interpretation of what I thought or in this case felt about what was about to be unleashed onto the legions of Bokani’s listeners.

Anyway, we had that conversation on the show and he clearly outlined his state of mind around the then project titled, Kelenosi.

Now the year, 2023, came around and I’m seated in the chilly level 5 of the Sandton Convention Centre and once again, my brother and friend, Bokani Dyer reveals his new offering to the audience.

Of course, at first listen the thought was, “This is a pop offering mos? What is this about Bokani?”. But what was rather surprising is the brother’s vocal capability which we were hearing for the first time, his effortless command of the stage and swift band leading Radio Sechaba was born.

Okay sharp, took me a while to get to this part, but context is important bahlali…

So, we had been playing the lead singles in the build up to the album release and singles like, Tiya Mowa and Resonance of Truth do really prepare you for the kind of listening that you are about to hear on the project.
Bokani is singing! I don’t think we saw this coming, this is a huge change from the balladeering of the keys led conversations of World Music or of the Emancipate the Story projects.

I now found myself hearing and seeing Bokani as a storyteller coming to share the news of upliftment and positivity to the people. Radio Sechaba is what a self help, motivational talk would sound like juxtaposed with musicality.

Now, of course, I had to chat to him about it and excitedly we spoke about the various themes he was talking to on the new record. But like with all new releases, the elephant in the room was, “How do you think your fans are going to receive it?”

“Remember Kelenosi, and the audience response to that? Not everyone got that conversation and now you are singing too?”; My thoughts were on an overdrive – but in true Bokani fashion, abuti was chilled and explained it like this;

(By paraphrase) “As artists we grow and our sound grows too, so if there are people who feel I may have left them behind, they are welcome to listen to my old records”

Radio Sechaba brings you closer to Bokani’s current state of everything, the record is giving positive and leaving you positive. Conversations such as Mogaetsho, Ho tla loka, and Ke Nako, featuring one of my favourite Botswana artists, Seeretsi and the Natives, give you a sense of comfort as you navigate this weird and unpredictable time in the life and times of being in South Africa and to an an extent the world over.

It really feels great to know that our musicians are still the ones to come to the rescue in an almost hopeless time with the right pint of music.

My review would probably have been about how amazing or not amazing which song was to the next, but Radio Sechaba tugged at the heartstrings. Yes, I am a huge fan of music, but that’s if it is done right, regardless of the artist – I’m a fan of them too.

I found solace in the fact that Bokani is evolving, he is finding his true self and expressing it fearlessly. We spend so much of our time being who or what people expect us to be, then go home and lament over the fact that we can’t wear our real faces in public.

I am unlearning this…

Till then, Radio Sechaba is a hug from a friend, a hug from a parent and most importantly, a conversation that deserves to be had. with self.

Even more so in these times we live in.

Big Love,


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