In Conversation with: Melo B Jones.

A custodian and archivist of the culture and the work of industry predecessors via her now synonymous music covers. The name, Melo B Jones, is as exciting as it gets when speaking skilled South African vocalists in the Soul and RnB music spaces. When not performing covers, Melo also writes and produces some amazing music of her own as another of her many creative ventures.

Melo B’s style and sound can at times be deemed unconventional due to the mixing and blending of elements that feature prominently in respective ‘genres’, this same trait however is what makes her standout from the rest.

Read below as we caught up with Melo to chat on the distinct between performance and recording artistry, creativity beyond the music and of course the music…

People often don’t realize the distinct, and at times, the complete different nature of being a performing artist and being a recording artist. Which do you enjoy more?

I think it’s a really tough question but I must say, I love performing. Being able to feed off the crowd’s energy is an electrifying feeling. Connecting with people is my favorite part of being an artist.

Likewise what are the challenges of either that you face?

When you’re performing, there are no do-overs. As exhilarating as that may be, it can come with it’s own challenges. The challenge of recording is that you always feel like you can do a better job so overcoming perfectionism in that way can prove to be challenging.

The iconic Live Acapella covers out in the garden with the recorder – what was the thinking then and why this route of offering?

I just wanted to create some content during lock down. I wanted to find a way to showcase and perform live and it was a fertile time and idea.

Genre-wise, what are the soundtracks and the music of your childhood?

Definitely Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul.

What do you consider as reward in relation to your work?

Connecting with people you would’ve never otherwise known if it were not for music.

How special is the audiences to you whom I guess you’ve somewhat grown with over the years?

So so special. I understand that the genre of music I make is very niche and as I am not a hugely commercial artist, I really appreciate that a lot of my audience not only sought me out, but decided to stay and grow with me.

You’ve done Freestyle Fridays, you also have MeloEats going, do you consider yourself an all round creative and how else do you think you channel this creativity?

I have always been a creative person in general. It’s the thing that keeps me going. I also believe many creatives would agree; there are many ways that we channel and share creativity.

You’ve done work independently and have been exposed to [record] deals too, both having perks. Do you think an ideal mashing of the 2 is possible or is it always doomed or?

As an artist in this day and age, you can always find a way to make it work for you. The current record deal I have is as a songwriter, and is itself a publishing deal. This in turn means that I can operate independently as an artist but can get assistance with the collection and generation of my publishing – which comes from writing for myself as well any other artist I chose to work with.

What can we look out for from you in the near future?

You can look forward to a few singles dropping here and there and an album is definitely on the way, but closer to be released in the first or second quarter of next year.

When/where do you find you are most at peace in your day to day life?

I am most at peace when I’m with people I love, sharing a meal and music.

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