Editor’s Note

Hi family!

It’s another year and it seems they come along way sooner than before, but we always welcome a fresh start. I for one am in love with the idea of a new start, be it the start of a new week, a new project, a new year, you name it! I love how a fresh start allows one to regather, rethink, strategize, and come up with new ideas with this new energy.

Firstly, I would like to thank you, the reader and audience, for your support and love not only in the last year but from the very beginning of this publication. If ever we have a continued drive and persistence with the work we do, it is because of the reception and support we receive from you time and time again without fail.

This new year for us represents an opportunity to continue doing the work we love and enjoy with fresh perspectives and renewed optimism and intrigue. We took a step back over the last two months so as to allow ourselves an opportunity to regroup, recap on the year we had, revisit the vision and goals we had set for ourselves but also to applaud each other for what we had achieved against the odds that tend to present themselves in this field of work.

There will be many firsts for us in this year and I am excited about that because it is evident of growth. We will also conclude the second season of Jazz Colloquies and possibly introduce another playlist series within the next few weeks.

Stories will be told, more collaborations will be formed, music will be explored but my greatest hope is that we will continue to connect through the music.

Welcome to this new chapter of Musicist.co.za

Areh Ramaru