Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies: Rorisang Sechele

In the fourth episode of The Jazz Colloquies season, vocalist, Rorisang Sechele joins Areh in what is the first in person episode recording of the series. They catch up on how the start of the year has gone and seemingly how Rori has had a new leash of life going into it, they speak about ambitions, the industry and much more.

“I’ve known Rori much more and longer than anyone else I’ve spoken to on this platform before, and I think it is quite evident in the interaction. Meeting and recording in person also just felt like the right approach to this episode. I think the chat allowed us to tap into another side of Rorisang that perhaps people may have not heard before. It was Perfect.

Big love to Thapelo Mashiane and The Library Somewhere for hosting us and getting us the crisp sound”


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