Hip-Hop ain’t DEAD Ed.1: $ummer ’21

For the past few months, there has been intense debate on whether or not Hip-Hop is still relevant in South Africa. As a Hip-Hop head, I intend to show you that the culture never dies, it multiplies. In Edition 1 of the Hip-Hop ain’t DEAD playlist series, we look at tunes that will fuel your summer. From genre-bending, piano fusions to full-on Heavy BAR$, you don’t wanna miss out on this 8-track pack. Tap in.

Riky Rick ~ UNGAZINCISHI (feat. Focalistic & Tyler ICU)
Whether it’s the bouncy, head-bopping bass or the laced hook, Riky Rick knew he was on to something with this one. With piano elements built as the foundation, UNGAZINCISHI should give you the vibe to kick start your summer.

Costa Titch ~ Uthini (feat. Blxckie & Phantom Steeze)
Costa Titch’s signature is his trippy beats with bi-lingual raps. Uthini is no exception. This trippy tune might be a hidden gem you didn’t know about. With features from Blxckie and Phantom Steeve, you know it’s a vibe.

Credit: Ntoni Na Youtube video

Yanga Chief ~ Ntoni Na (feat. Blxckie & 25K)
Ntoni Na hooks you from the moment you hit play. Its guitar riff base is built on top of bouncy raps from Yanga Chief, 25K and Blxckie.

Frank Casino ~ Forever (feat. Riky Rick)
An instant bop from go. Forever features Frank Casio and Riky Ricky bringing heavy bars, slick wordplays and, of course, vibey ad-libs about their journey to success. A new-age trap anthem.

Audiomarc ~ Audio Czzle (feat. Nasty C)
Audio Czzle features a bar-heavy Nasty C spitting over a two-beat masterclass chopped and screwed by Audiomarc. The first half of the track offers a trans-like guitar riff that topples over to a 808 heavy piece by the 2nd half.

Dee-Koala ~ Spazz (feat. Blxckie & K.Keed)
Starting off with the commonly known “get ourra here man” sample Dee-Koala goes on to literally spazz on the mic. With lyrics such as “I’m smoking on ni***** I don’t even fuck with the gwaai” we know Dee, Keed and Blxckie went off on this one.

“… The next wave of Hip Hop is gonna come from Cape Town. Trust me on this.”

Riky Rick (2018) – twitter

Kashcpt ~ Rockets
Cape Town’s own Kashcpt proves his lyrical skills on Rocket. He can rap. With a catchy hook and new-age grimy bars, this tune should awaken the hip-hop head in you.

Kwesta ~ Vur Vai
A Kwesta barred and Makwa produced song equates to a hood classic. Vur Vai is that hood classic. A kasi node to an iconic symbol in the township; i’vur vai.

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