CNTRL ALT – a look into alternative rap

“I think a lot of the music here is raw, gritty and non-commercial in a sense. A lot of American influence but music is for everyone; so, let’s do it.”

Shane Eagle, 2022

What is Alternative Hip-Hop?
Alternative rap/hip-hop is a subgenre of hip-hop music that incorporates elements of funk, soul, punk, and alternative rock. The subgenre does not follow the rules of mainstream hip-hop and instead blurs the lines to create a unique combination of sounds set to an array of lyrical content.

CNTRL ALT presents a curated look into current alternative hip-hop acts. From Blxckie to the likes of Erick the Architect, you are certain to find something great to hear. But before we get to that, here is some Important stuff:

This alternative hip-hop compilation importantly takes into consideration 3 things: Influence, Lyrics and Production. Many of the tunes featured find heavy inspiration from a wide array of musical sources and spot multiples samples, woven together in a complex manner, while beats could be booming or subtle. This arrangement makes alternative rap a unique listen each time.

Alternative hip-hop continues to generate exciting artists who push the subgenre’s artistic boundaries. Some artists evolve towards the mainstream; others – like the ones featured here – pushed back towards the underground, seeking out beautiful, downcast hybrids of hip-hop, pop punk, emo and grunge a little too raw for broader audiences. The music here can be bleak, but in the bleakness, there’s a sense of redemption. Like the author Oscar Wilde once wrote:

“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the starts. Consider this a guide to the night sky.”

Be sure to have a listen below👇🏽

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