Impressive Track Runs Vol 1: aifheli – SILVER

aifheli – SILVER

Alternative artist, aifheli, released his debut album SILVER last Friday, an album that I have been eagerly anticipating for months now. After hearing something, a single that he dropped in February of 2021, came from collaborative efforts such as the song 23 from Tyson Sybateli’s album Dulce & Besa Pharoah’s Free from the album In Tomb, I knew that I had to hear a full-length effort from him. My anticipation grew to avoid all of the singles that he released during the album’s rollout – this is my unique way of tempering any unfair expectations that I may set for an album before its release.

Thankfully, I did not live to regret this decision as 3 of the 5 tracks, which will be highlighted on Impressive Track Runs Volume 1, were released prior to the album’s release, but they sound EVEN BETTER within the scheme of the album.

The 3 tracks in question are thaedzo, i know, and don’t run, and coupled with the album’s title track silver – you have my favourite run of tracks on the album. In many ways, SILVER gets into its groove during this run, from the stellar sequencing to the synergy in the subject matter of these songs. If you needed any confirmation that pressing play on SILVER was a good idea, I am almost certain that you felt that way during this stretch on the album. The first song in this run, thaedzo, which is Venda for ‘problem’, details aifheli’s experience with his love interest from the East. This smooth dance tune incorporates incredible bass guitar work and synths that complement the piano melody that is heard throughout the record.

“My friends and your friends say we’re bad for each other,

But we can’t, stay apart too long”

lyrics from thaedzo

As the record dwindles down into the final hook and a final rendition of the catchy reprise “stay apart too long”, the track seamlessly flows into i know, the second track in this run and the fourth track on the album. If we assume that these songs are about the same love interest (which I hope they are for the sake of this article), then we can start to hear a change in the relationship. From disregarding opinions from friends in favour of staying together on thaedzo, to aifheli saying “this wouldn’t work even if we tried” is a significant shift, but one that we all know too well. He acknowledges the lack of reciprocation of the energy that he’s put into the relationship and ponders whether it was all worth it or just wasted time.

“Wasted time I can’t get back,

Time really does fly when you’re… when you’re having fun

Time flies, I cannot get back

It was easy but now it’s… now it’s not”

lyrics from i know

The song concludes with a beautifully composed outro that leads into don’t run, with the transition between the two songs quickly becoming my favourite on the entire album. It is so crisp that if you hadn’t heard these songs before, you would think it was all one medley of infectious dance tunes. This song, produced by Fa x Fu, continues the synergy in the subject matter of the songs in this run. aifheli reflects on the many days he had spent, dwelling on his lost love while also acknowledging how much of a hold she still had on him. The track is such a jam – it is no wonder that it was so highly anticipated by many. Quickly followed up by the title track silver, an amapiano number assisted by TonicMotion and Fa x Fu.

This record sees aifheli experiencing the old case of deja vu. He is hesitant about getting too close to this woman as he has fears of messing things up, but the feelings he has will not fade away. He continues to question their compatibility in the verse and just wonders if he’s just scared of love. The hook is a catchy repetition of his “I don’t know why” over log drums that we have all come to know and love.

Objectively speaking, you could choose any 4-track run that you enjoy the most from this album because there is a little bit of everything for everyone. With musical inspiration spreading from Daft Punk to Sampha, you could easily find a record or two that you love. I’d definitely recommend adding SILVER to your list of albums this July.

Stream SILVER below: