Interview: Lilitha’s Beaming Light.

Singer/Songwriter, Lilitha, is a gift that keep on giving. Post the release of her eponymously titled EP, we got to chat with the Johannesburg born wonder about the aforementioned release and much more!

Since her 2020 single titled 084 and her work with Gregor Salto and Tom Caruso respectively that introduced her to broader audiences, Lilitha has had many waiting in anticipation of her next move. Her EP release is essentially a vessel into her life and artistry, check out our chat below:

Had music been present in the spaces you existed in prior to your “interest [being] sparked” in first year, and were you conscious of it?

I grew up in a very creative household my parents weren’t fully aware of it, but my father always had a great ear for music and my mother was just all round creative, she was the choir teacher, at the school she taught at. I was always by her side during practices. To this day she corrects me when I sing off key, during our little car karaoke sessions. Every childhood memory I have is attached to a song, and that’s because there was always music playing, or songs being sung around me. I used to dream about singing and writing songs and just being a superstar, my inner child is so proud of me right now.

What is your favorite part of creating music, the thought process, conceptualizing or the actual composing?

I love composing, because it comes so naturally to me now, I don’t have to think too hard, or write any ideas down anymore, I just stand in front of the mic and sing my heart out, what ever feels right. I close my eyes and it feels like I’m painting a picture, every note being a delicate stroke, I don’t know man, it just feels like magic.

What is it about the early 2000s and 90s pop culture that gets to you?

I’m not sure, but something about the sounds of the early 2000’s and 90’s spark a little light in my heart. I loved the colours of the era, especially the 90’s. I think it’s an aesthetic thing mostly, like the way the beauty of a black woman was depicted, it wasn’t uniform, like what we see in mainstream media today. I’m also very in love with the dance scene from that era, especially dancehall, and Chicago house scenes. Just imagine being in a club in the 90’s and early 2000’s would feel like.

How does the collab with Gregor Salto come about?

In 2020 I was at home and I was just listening to a Monique Bingham, and I thought, “hey I could sing this really well”. So I got onto mixchord and recorded this cover with some of my backings and posted the video and tagged Karisma a DJ who made the song alongside Monique Bingham, he reposted the video, and Gregor asked me if I wrote my own music too. And that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Was the decision to eponymously name your EP as easy as may seem or was there thinking behind it?

I think I named it Lilitha, because I felt like it was me coming out as me. My first name is Luthotho, and Lilitha is my second, for some reason I feel that they are two different entities. I feel like there are a lot of songs I’ve sung as Luthotho, just under the stage name Lilitha, but this EP was just full on Lilitha singing her heart out.

On a sentiment level, what does the release of your EP mean to you?

My music is very personal to me, I’m very shy about it, because of the things I choose to express in my music. My EP represents me coming out and unapologetically being me and being uncensored. I sing my secrets so this EP represents the first few pages of my adult diary.The music on your EP seems to be a projection of your life, what else does music as platform present to you? Music really just gives me a space to release, going to studio after a stressful day, feels like putting cold water on my brain or taking my heart out and rubbing it, it’s really a time where I really get to sit and do some serious self introspection. It gives me access to spaces I love being in and interacting with the spaces as a part of the space. Music has also helped my self esteem tremendously, I’ve never felt so unstoppable in my life.

Who are your dream collaborations or features?

I would absolutely love to find myself on a Gorillaz, Skinshape or Yellowdays project. but honestly speaking my soul will never rest if I don’t find myself in Studio with Moonchild Sanelly.

Can we expect a full on album anytime soon?

I’m working on it, it gets better every day I work on it, so I’m excited about that.

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