Hidden Spaces with Thapelo Lekoane

Last Thursday we gathered at Hidden Spaces to marvel at the multi-talented singer-songwriter, Thapelo Lekoane, and what an experience it was.

Captured by Big Dreamz

When you choose to glide high above it all, his peace will guide you through the storms.
Not everyone sees, agrees.
You can’t explain it all.
The Moment is yours, run for your cause.

Thapelo Lekoane ~ Anyway

The intimate setting created a community atmosphere, it felt like we were gathered at a bonfire awaiting the tales of a wise storyteller and that’s exactly what we got. The one thing that stood out, apart from her rich soulful voice, is her warmth and love for people. Thapelo personally greeted everyone present as if she had known them for years.

Warriors are grown in every trial and fault, the fight is still on.
Dancing after every battle lost and won, that dream still lives on.
Tender words of love and courage call the soldiers home, 
the home they leave each day they go away

Thapelo Lekoane ~ Heritage

Her writing reflects a mind that has pondered on the mysteries of life in pursuit of understanding, a heart that has experienced hurt yet still believes in the goodness of humanity (has grace to humanity), and a soul that has communed with God in a sanctuary.

Accompanied by acclaimed pianist, Llewellyn George, the songstress kicked off her show with her unfeigned song, Human. As she sang the first verse, members of the audience murmuring in agreement with the lyrics (perhaps louder than they had wanted to) but it reminded me of how similar our experiences as humans are albeit living different lives. But as Thapelo reminds us, we can bounce back if we remember to hone into ourselves and reclaim our peace.

Seasons come and go, we grow older and we know.
We remember where we started and the place for to go.
His words will be our compass and the light to lead us on.
At the table of the father that’s the place where we belong.

Thapelo Lekoane ~ Ikhaya

As we journeyed through her album, Thapelo handed out egg-shaped shakers to members of the audience and just like that we were dubbed percussionists for the night. We shook those shakers with so much enthusiasm while singing backup vocals that Thapelo may just commission us for her future shows. Now granted the singing on our part may have sounded a bit more like speaking melodically but that moment bound us together like a family.

By now you have figured that this was a night filled with many beautiful moments; another one of those moments was Thapelo singing Saber with her family in the audience. Saber (To know) is a letter (in song) from the nurtured to the nurturer; and how special it must have been to them to witness the human they’ve nurtured blossom.

That evening may have ended but her music is still available for you to enjoy at your own leisure. No matter which phase of life you’re currently living or experiencing, there is a Thapelo song for you. Let her words reassure you that you are not alone in this maze called life.

Evening. It’s the dark of night that gives moments of quiet.
Reflect on lessons learned in retrospect
There’s more to tell oh
Morning. As the earth still turns it gives a chance to see what we have
Life is not done with us yet 
(There’s) More to tell

Thapelo Lekoane ~ More To Tell ft. The SN Project