Playlist: Ezama Bhinca

Ububhinca, popularly known as the act of adorning one’s traditional attire and listening to traditional folk music, is still perceived as somewhat backwards and rural. However, for many of us (young and old, modern city dwellers or countrymen), it’s a lifestyle, a passion, a way of living, the bread and butter of many talented local Maskandi artists.

I am what you would call a fanatic when it to ububhinca and Maskandi – in a very understated manner though as I don’t come across as the “typical” bhincakazi. When you catch me in spaces such as kwaMai-Mai in downtown Johannesburg, it becomes apparent that I absolutely love this simpler way of life. Isegazini lento!

Enough about modern day bhinca tendencies, it’s a story for another day.

For now, come with me and let’s explore uMaskandi together. Let isiginci (acoustic guitar) and inkostina (concertina) tell you animated tales of old and new, ecstasy and tragedy.

In no order of favour, here’s what I’m bopping my head to this week.

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