Introducing The Jazz Colloquies Podcast Series

Introducing The Jazz Colloquies podcast series presented by editor Arehone Ramaru, who over the last few weeks has gotten to virtually chat with some jazz personalities and artists from far and near. Over the course of this season of recording, Areh has spoken to amongst others a broadcaster within the jazz space, recent recipients of coveted accolades at The Mzantsi Jazz Awards, an American jazz beat maker and producer who has been making waves in the South African music scene as well as South African jazz exports currently in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong respectively.

The podcast series has been themed around the topic of “The South African Jazz Sound“, with other prominent themes throughout the season being that of evolution within Jazz, the presence of female instrumentalists within jazz spaces as well as Jazz beyond music genre boundaries. Each guest was also asked to compile a list of five songs they are currently listening to across genres such as to get to know them a bit better.

More than anything this has been surreal for me, I’ve been meaning to do something of this nature for a while now and I’m really glad everyone was on board and willing to go at it. And of course it was quite difficult, I had to turn into some tech guru in an attempt to put this together, on top of that I had to navigate around load shedding schedules and at times different time zones. But I’m really glad and can’t wait for people to hear me fanboying.


Guests include Ngwako Malakalaka, Bokang Ramatlapeng, Melorie Jane, Kgethi Nkotsi, Talie Monin, Todd Moultrie, Spha Mdlalose, Sandile Gontsana and a possible surprise guest.

First episode goes up, Tuesday, 22 November 2022. Podcast recordings will be available across all podcast streaming platforms – links to be shared with each recording – and each episode will – massive thanks to Ariel and Juana – be intro’d and outro’d by the sounds of Ariel & Juana‘s Transkei.

See release schedule below