Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies Ep1: Ngwako Malakalaka

In Episode One of The Jazz Colloquies, Areh speaks to radio broadcaster and jazz “disciple” Ngwako Malakalaka. The conversation ranges from Ngwako’s upbringing and early surroundings, the evolution of radio broadcasting and his role in it, the significance of documenters such as Siphiwe Mhlambi, all the way to his understanding of a life of purpose. The K Jazz Show host also takes us through his early encounters with the jazz discipline as well as the lengths to which he goes in preparation of his now esteemed show on the Kofifi FM platform.

“Having Ngwako as my first guest was a conscious and possibly strategic decision. Given that I for one have no experience hosting a show of any kind, I felt it would be really helpful starting off with a seasoned broadcaster to somewhat show me the ropes. But besides that he was one of the guests going in to it that I knew a bit better and felt I’d be more comfortable around. An all round top guy!”


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