Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies Ep4: Kgethi Nkotsi

In Episode Four, Areh chats with current Mzantsi Jazz Awards Newcomer of The Year, Kgethi Nkotsi. They recap and reflect on the year that has been by touching on his debut album offering, titled, Maswitsi and the conceptualizing and composing processes of the project as well as speak briefly on his work with the Iphupho L’ka Biko project.

The recording, however, begins on Kgethi’s perception on awards before leading on to his personality and its stems and his time spent at the Moses Molelekwa Arts Centre, Kgethi also takes us through his initial encounters with the trombone as well as his subsequent journey with the instrument.

“Ah abuti! First got to learn of Kgethi sometime last year when the song Dipopaye was flying around jazz spaces even prior to the album being released and if you are familiar with the song you can understand my immediate curiosity of not only the sound but of the man behind it too – now imagine how further blown my mind was when I first saw the album cover and learnt the album was titled ‘Maswitsi’. Great chat and if anything: Kgethi Nkotsi is exactly what the jazz and music space needs right now!”


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