Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies Ep5: Talie Monin

Talie Monin features as the fifth guest on season one of The Jazz Colloquies podcast series. This chat immediately takes off on the origins of her performance name “Talie”, before going into her early encounters with music, defining her style of music and touching on her journey with music education both in Johannesburg and Paris.

Talie and Areh also speak on the element of performance as a being one of key, before moving on to Talie’s transition and adaptation to life in the city of Hong Kong. The chat ends off with discussions of debut album, 24 Strathay, future projects in the pipelines as well as the likelihood of performing back home in South Africa.

“Talie is honestly one of the nicest people you could meet more over in these spaces. We struggled a bit trying to balance out the Hong Kong and South African time difference but once we finally got to have the chat it definitely felt worthwhile. 24 Strathay is an absolute masterpiece and one can only hope to one day get to see her LIVE on stage. I think it’s amazing the grounds she has broke for herself in Hong Kong!”


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