DEADLINES: FREE P2 – A Full Circle Moment

Before REVENGE CLUB RECORDS & A-Reece released DEADLINES: FREE P2, A-Reece fans anxiously anticipated his next studio album. All signs pointed to a sequel of 2016’s Paradise. However, on October 21st, A prelude EP to ‘Paradise 2’ was released to the masses. DEADLINES: FREE P2 sees A-Reece transition to the next phase of his career. One of independence, hip hop domination and success.

The 7 track EP is home to gritty, hard hitting hip-hop blended with smooth flows and raps.

Below I expand on this well-structured EP:

[1.] BAD GUY

“Front row, six plus, now a young n*** front row” opens up the project over a hard-hitting, ominous beat. BAD GUY serves as the perfect opener as A-Reece reflects back on his failed relationships with former collaborators and friends as he raps, “too back to go back to the old days, they used to be my dogs, now they all strays”. It becomes clear that A-Reece knows his current importance in the hip hop game and how far he has come. He goes on to boast, “If I don’t take it, the summer’s still mine for the taking”, a node to his SAMA nomination for 2021’s Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory


DEATH marks a self-reflection point on the EP. A-Reece raps about his mistakes, betrayal & things most important to him. A notable feature on the track, Quentin Miller, opens up about personal struggle, transformation and reflection on his life and career. A mirror verse to A-Reece’s opening verse. ”Only when I’m gone, they’ll understand just what it meant to me.” serves as a perfect summary of the track.


INTENTIONS is a warm, wavy love letter to a significant other. Taking a break from his normal raps, A-Reece opens up about his goals and purpose in his relationship, rapping, “Allow me to show my intentions”. Joined by Marcus Harvey on the 2nd verse, the collaborator adds his vocals to amplify this simple message.


Whenever DJ Maphorisa features on a song, we know he’s behind the production. SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR is no exception. The track is an afro-pop inspired, summer vibe ballad on finding purpose. Maphorisa serves as the anchor of the song, adding a definitive pre-hook on giving thanks and struggle in the music industry, “Ngifuna ukubonga abasekhaya, ngoba ubuhlungu abupheli”. Jay Jody ends of the track mirroring the main hook with his vocals. The track showcases A-Reece’s versatility on a dance beat with his opening verse being one about growth as he know and understands the purpose God has vested in him.


Foreign guitar strings serve as the bed DIFFERENT THINGS sits on. On here, A-Reece confesses his desire to be with a significant other with doing the simple things in life. The track serves as a polished confession of love.


“What’s God like?” is the question posed on BIGGER THAN ME. The track marks the first time since 2015 where we see a collaboration between A-Reece and Emtee. Since then, both artists have dropped out of their former label and took on different routes in their respective careers. BIGGER THAN ME sees A-Reece rap about the route he chose and questions his place had he not made the previous decisions he made with the line, “Where would I be if I never decided I wanna follow my dreams”. The 2nd verse showcases Emtee’s new evolves style since 2015’s Couldn’t.


The closing track to the EP, GODLIKE, serves as a reflective ballad. A-Reece alludes to his music as his purpose from God. What makes GODLIKE special is the narration A-Reece tells about his trip to Zambia. A story of seeing struggle and hope in one trip.

DEADLINES: FREE P2 marks A-Reece’s 3rd project under, co-owned, REVENGE CLUB RECORDS. What strikes me about the EP is its strong delivery despite only being 23 minutes long. In those 23 minutes, you become familiar with A-Reece’s current position in life, his past mistakes and plan moving forward. Songs like SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR, INTENTIONS and DIFFERENT THINGS cut through the seriousness of the project while tapping into other thoughts and emotions.

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