Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies Ep6: Todd Moultrie – Jazzgroupiez

Jazzgroupiez founder, Todd Moultrie joins Areh for episode six of The Jazz Colloquies podcast series. Todd talks us through his journey from his early church and gospel days back in Beaumont Texas to a then subsequent fascination with the art of beat making. The conversation also touches on Todd’s introverted personality and how it also venturing into the Jazzgroupiez brand, in addition he tells on how the passing of his dad led him back to jazz after a break away from music, and how early encounters with Robert Glasper can somewhat be credited for the inception of Jazzgroupiez.

The chat of course also touches on Todd’s booming relationship with South African audiences and artists as well as the role both social media and streaming platforms played in it.

“I actually thought Todd would be reluctant to do this given his clearly introverted nature and brand but he was surprisingly very open to the idea and more than anything I genuinely felt I got to have questions I’ve personally had for a long time around the concept of Jazzgroupiez answered. I am a ‘jazzgroupie’!”


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