Playlist: Summer’s Ode to Hip Hop

I wanted to re-live the first few Summers I spent falling in love with Hip Hop as a kid. ‘Cause I really thought about it, “What would that summer sound like now, for me?”

The Hip Hop landscape has changed so much since then, and at some points leaving little to be desired. But if you ask me, this was a good year for Hip Hop, from highly anticipated drops to the buzz and revival of the local scene. Listen, getting into the local offerings really had me feeling like a kid again, when I was collecting Hype mixtapes. The whole exploration was exciting.

Even though the sound of seasons has changed, Hip Hop will always have my heart and my Summers. Please lend your ears to ‘Summer’s Ode to Hip Hop’, an offering by SoundsLikeHatsu.

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