Podcast: The Jazz Colloquies Ep8: Sandile Gontsana

In what is the final episode of The Jazz Colloquies podcast series, guest, Sandile Gontsana joins Areh in discussion of his time in London working as part of the Disney Lion King theatre production, this chat then leads to the (lack of) South African “theatre going culture”.

Their chat also touches on the importance of music education, Sandile’s time studying at the University of Cape Town with whom are now leading South African jazz artists, Sandile’s personality and thIne importance of travelling and broadening one’s world view and horizon.

“The best for last, innit? I am really glad we got to do this with Sandile, the episode was actually recorded two days before scheduled publish date given Sandile’s hectic work schedule. It always excites me when I see fellow countrymen stamping their marks all around the world.

I am also really grateful to all the series guests and the Musicist.co.za family who helped me put this series together. As exhausting as it got at times, I loved every step of the process. It is all out now, I really hope this recordings get to and are heard by those they are meant to get to. Ndi a livhuwa.”


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