Playlist: In Session (Vol. 1)

Here we are, on the first Sunday of the month love embarking on a musical journey. One which I hope to maintain every Sunday for the remainder of the year.

This month’s playlist series is dedicate to all who not only believe in love, but pursue it. I hope in your quest to find love, you don’t miss the opportunity to uncover the power of loving yourself first.

Don’t miss a beat, if there ever was a moment to shoot your shot, this is it.

I would like to thank Semi Lubisi for the cover art of this playlist, your work speaks volumes!

Semi Lubisi is a self-taught visual artist based in Johannesburg whose work is characterised by the dominance of township ambience, which reflects his connection with his neighbourhood. He draws inspiration from the day to day lives of ordinary people and uses his skill to relate their stories and experiences graphically.

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