Imani Basquiat unveils his new single “Groove Theory” – a carefree ode to unapologetic passion

Imani Basquiat‘s distinctive sound, characterized by a fusion of alternative and soulful elements, is fast becoming a fan favourite. Since our last conversation, the young artist has taken strides in solidifying his place in the music industry. Having placed 3rd at the Homecoming Artist On The Rise, the neo-hop artist is celebrating this milestone with a brand new single titled Groove Theory. This latest offering from the rising talent takes the listener on a mesmerizing journey through the intoxicating world of unapologetic passion and carefree self-expression with its Motown influence.

Groove Theory ultimately is about surrendering to the intoxicating premise of how you feel, unapologetically so. Finding what you love and letting that consume you is one of the purest forms of self-expression and carefreeness. It’s a celebration of the pursuit of one’s passions, and a reminder that in that moment, nothing else matters except you and how you feel.

This song is sure to resonate with music lovers of all backgrounds. It is an expression of getting completely enthralled in something or someone you’re truly passionate about, almost like dancing carefreely to the rhythm of your own heart. It’s an exploration of how you feel when embracing that feeling without any reservations and I think everyone can relate to that. This is the song of the summer.

Imani Basquiat