Introducing The Jazz Colloquies Season Two!

We are back with season two of The Jazz Colloquies podcast series, once again presented by editor Arehone Ramaru. After the success and positive response and reception of the first series, where Areh and his guests touched on aspects and conversation of jazz that are often left untouched, it is no doubt season two will in it’s own vein be yet another boundary breaker.

Over the coming few weeks, Areh will be virtually chatting with some young people within the jazz space whom he deems as “boundary breakers” both in the literal and figurative meaning. In this season of recording Areh has on his guestlist amongst others, young jazz instrumentalists who are exploring not only their studies but talents as well on an international stage, young vocalists and composers who exist in the jazz spaces but do not necessarily see themselves as “jazz vocalists” as well as an Italian born singer now based in South Africa.

This season is centered around the room for and existence of young people in the jazz world. It explores their curiosity and overall undeniable need to grow.

The thinking this time around was to bring on young people in the jazz world who are pretty much well on their way. I got to spend some time at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda this year and that’s where I got the inspiration from and even met some of these young people for the first time. I think I’ve also been wary that our work seems to be more appreciated and lives freer with younger audiences hence it felt more right to tap into that space a bit more.


Guests include Zenzele Mthembu-Salter, Jean Strauss, kimetsu., Francesca Biancoli, Rorisang Sechele, Ofentse Sebola, Lebo Komane and Nobuhle Ashanti.

Episode one featuring Zenzele goes up, Thursday, 30 November 2023 and will be available across all podcast streaming platforms, see link below.

Credits to:
Emamkay, music credit for Tembisa from his album, Love Is Energy as heard on episode intros and outros.
Kelebogile Leepile for Series Cover design.
Mohau Moshapo for sound and edits guidance.