Phonk Mixtape Vol.1: Welcome

What is Phonk music?

In a nutshell, Phonk music is a form of Hip-hop that prioritizes the production side of music more than lyrical content while also incorporating some elements from an older underground Hip-hop genre known as Memphis Rap, as well as recreational drugs and pop culture references. You can learn more about it right here.

This playlist contains 14 tracks from various artists, each with different styles to help give a broader scope of some of the music this genre has to offer. I highly recommend that you listen with a good pair of headsets to get the best experience out of it.

Tracklist Commentary

DJ Smokey – Ridin Thru (Red Eyez)

DJ Smokey is often credited as the one who popularized the genre so it’s only fitting that we kick off the mix with him. The harmonizing vocals accompanied with the stellar drums, melodies and 808s sound are so angelic. It sounds like hugging a cloud, you know those fluffy pink ones that appear during sunsets.

Soudiere – Empty Clips

Phonk legend, Soudiere takes Paul Hardcastle’s Forever Dreaming and dials it up to eleven.

Ponsuda. – By Myself (w/ Gali)

Those guitar riffs sure are heavenly. Ponsuda.’s style can be described as laid back and trippy, as can be seen by how he flips of Gucci Mane’s Rather Be (feat. Keyshia Dior).

North Posse – Feelin Like I’m Floating

North Posse delivers what is essentially a reimagined version of Juicy J ‘s Smoke A Boy (feat. Wiz Khalifa) from the Bandz A Make Her Dance hit album, Stay Trippy. Audio clips from the classic hood movie, Friday and GTA San Andreas videogame can also be heard throughout the song.

Soudiere, DJ Smokey & Shaq France – Off The Vitamins

It’s always an event whenever great artists with similar styles collab and bring out the best in each other’s music. They deliver a trilling experience from start to finish.

erickD – Somebody

RnB oldies fans rejoice if you recognize this sample! ErickD is a Phonk producer whose sound resides in the 90s. The sample btw is Freddie Jackson’s Have You Ever Loved Somebody.


If you want over the top Phonk music then JASON RICH is your man. Here you can witness him demonstrate a fraction of his power.

Freddy Konfeddy – PARTY 24/7

Freddy Konfeddy gives his take on Lil Bibby’s Aww Man (feat. Future) by transforming the sound to extraordinary heights. The wailing guitar sounds sure are wavy.

Berrymane – Vampire

Berrymane proves that Drill flows can also work on Phonk beats as well. The original track is Slowthai – CANCELLED (feat. Skepta).

SLIGHT – Cocaine Codeine Etc.

The sound of those snares is just satisfying to listen to, even more so if you bite your teeth to their rhythm. The sample used is Takeoff’s verse from Gucci Mane’s I Get The Bag (feat. Migos).

Eternal Ryodan – The Field

Eternal Ryoden’s Krvken and Chiccote’s Beats deliver a different take on the late Nipsey Hustle’s verse from The Field (feat. Bino & Young Dolph).


If you’re a fan of slow RnB samples then NVDO is your guy. His best can be found on SoundCloud due to the platform having less strict copyright policies.

demxnstr8 – Fifty Rounds

As we reach towards the end of the set, newcomer demxnstr8 cools us off with a bass-heavy RnB inspired instrumental.

DJ Yung Vamp – 6oz in Da Triple Cup

DJ Yung Vamp wraps up the mixtape with a sound that can be best described as staring into a lava lamp. The mind just wanders off from its fluidity and levitates.

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Educate Us:

Harmonize – Various sounds that are played simultaneously to create a pleasing combination.

Flip – Samples that are used creatively to create new music.

Drill music – A style of trap music originating from Chicago that focuses on dark, violent nihilistic lyrical content that is associated with crime and life on the streets.

Set – The tracklist that occupies a mixtape.